DSC, Ken Heller to participate in IIT Job Fair

DSC will participate in the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Supply Chain and Manufacturing Job Fair, April 8 at IIT’s Main Campus in Chicago. Ken Heller, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Excellence, will speak on risk management throughout the supply chain and the issues DSC handles regularly. more

1. Going through a merger or an acquisition
2. Starting up a supply chain
3. Outsourcing for the first time
4. Entering a new market or new location
5. Meeting special customer demands
6. Keeping up with business growth
7. Needing faster, more or different information
8. Looking for a broader solution
9. Eliminating inefficiencies
10. Increasing flexibility
DSC Health Care team to host roundtable at LogiMedUSA

DSC will host a roundtable discussion and sponsor a panel at the LogiMedUSA conference April 14-16 in San Diego, CA. Dave Bode, Vice President, Health Care Solutions, and Matt Brzica, Director, Health Care Business Development, will represent DSC at the conference for senior level medical device supply chain executives.  more

How DSC helped Solo continually improve their warehouse operations
Constant analysis + greater efficiency = lower costs

Solo asked DSC Logistics to take over their transportation network with minimal disruption and manage the re-design of their warehouse operations to improve levels of service, overall efficiency and cost saving. Enough?

Of course not, said Solo's partner, DSC. There's always room for improvement.

DSC used data from our WMS system to analyze trends in product movement to redesign the Logistics Centers for optimum performance. We also used this data to make suggestions on removing obsolete product from the highly utilized facilities. By closely monitoring the inventory, trends and Solo's allocation process we were able to increase service levels, order fill, and assist Solo with the critical data needed to drive system-wide improvements.

We initiated meetings directly with Solo's customers to get feedback and to learn the issues involved-late orders, cuts, whatever. We asked how we could make customers' unloading and receiving process simpler. It's our approach: if your customer's having problems, let's get together and figure out solutions.