DSC again recognized as green supply chain partner, logistics provider

DSC Logistics has been named a Green Supply Chain Partner for 2015 by Inbound Logistics and a 2015 Top Green Provider by Food Logistics. More

1. Going through a merger or an acquisition
2. Starting up a supply chain
3. Outsourcing for the first time
4. Entering a new market or new location
5. Meeting special customer demands
6. Keeping up with business growth
7. Needing faster, more or different information
8. Looking for a broader solution
9. Eliminating inefficiencies
10. Increasing flexibility
DSC Health Care team to host roundtable at LogiMedUSA

DSC will host a roundtable discussion and sponsor a panel at the LogiMedUSA conference April 14-16 in San Diego, CA. Dave Bode, Vice President, Health Care Solutions, and Matt Brzica, Director, Health Care Business Development, will represent DSC at the conference for senior level medical device supply chain executives.  more

HOW DSC helped Kimberly-Clark master a fast-moving merger situation
A nimble distribution solution limbers up an initially stiff joint venture

Six weeks.

That's how long DSC Logistics took to solve the logistics challenge that Kimberly-Clark brought to us when they acquired a new division as part of growing their healthcare business.

The division, Tecnol, had an Orthopedics group that sold supplies like knee braces and wrist splints to doctors' offices nationwide. Distribution had been handled internally in a highly manual environment. But Kimberly-Clark wanted a more cost-efficient, automated operation.

We found a space for this new operation, which required picking an average 100 orders per day, each unique. Then we set up "each pick" lines to expedite the process. We revamped our Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track inventory perfectly on a per-unit basis. Finally, we devised a labeling system that noted box contents on the outside, so that clinics didn't have to open every box to verify shipments.

Best of all, we kept finding process improvements that permitted us to drive down Kimberly-Clark's overhead by 45 percent in total costs over three years.