DSC awards 2016 Michael A. Weinstock DSC Operations Scholarship

Alec Angel, son of Javier Angel, LMI, VAS Manager, Toledo, has been named the recipient of the Michael A. Weinstock DSC Operations Scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year. Alec is a student at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He plans to work in the supply chain field after graduation in 2019. More

1. Going through a merger or an acquisition
2. Starting up a supply chain
3. Outsourcing for the first time
4. Entering a new market or new location
5. Meeting special customer demands
6. Keeping up with business growth
7. Needing faster, more or different information
8. Looking for a broader solution
9. Eliminating inefficiencies
10. Increasing flexibility
DSC Logistics marks 25 years in health care supply chain management, announces VAWD accreditations

DSC Logistics is proud to share information about the company‚Äôs 25th year in managing health care distribution networks for medical device, pharmaceutical, specialty pharma and consumer care companies. A key part of our success is based on our vigilance in monitoring and managing state and federal licensing and regulatory requirements.  more

HOW DSC helped Swap-It develop the systems and processes the brand-new start-up needed
Collaboration and creative supply chain solutions make business dreams real

You don't have to know exactly what you want before talking to us. Sometimes all you need is an idea of where you want to go.

That's what happened with Swap-It, an on-line music store for used CDs. Swap-It told DSC Logistics about their business concept of inviting people to ship old CDs to a central facility where they could swap them for other pre-owned CDs, using a "point" system. Their Web site went live in eight weeks-and they had to have a solution by then.

Fortunately, one of the things we do best is build unique supply chain solutions around a customer's need.

We developed a system for tracking and racking hundreds of used CDs arriving daily at our facility, a means for checking quality and a way of logging points. We created an "each-pick" center for handling orders, put together a kitting operation and located a shipping solution.

With our help, Swap-It opened on time and on plan.