Consolidation Services (MOST)

Our MOST (Multi-vendor Optimization Strategy) consolidation program combines orders into full truck loads outbound and/or coordinates multiple pickups of inbound shipments.

Wal-Mart’s Remix program
Consolidating LTL orders into FTL shipments for the Wal-Mart Remix warehouse network. DSC’s MOST consolidation centers, strategically located in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Allentown, combine orders for multiple Wal-Mart vendors and deliver full truckloads weekly to each of Wal-Mart’s 40 regional Remix distribution centers. DSC manages Wal-Mart’s appointment process, ensuring loads arrive on time and are compliant with Wal-Mart delivery expectations.

Retail consolidation
Systematically combining orders from multiple vendors to create FTL shipping to retail outlets such as mass merchandisers, groceries, drugstores and hardware stores. DSC provides this service at regional operations in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Allentown, PA, and Tracy, CA. Each of these shared facilities has the capability of combining orders from multiple accounts to create FTL shipping, reducing cost and improving on-time delivery to retail distribution centers.

Food service consolidation
Combining orders from multiple vendors to create FTL shipments to major food service distributors supplying restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and other institutions. DSC provides this service in our food-grade facilities in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Allentown, PA, and Tracy, CA.

Inbound vendor consolidation
Leveraging our regional Logistics Centers, our private fleet and our carrier base to manage multiple inbound shipments and crossdock them into consolidated FTL inbound deliveries to plants or distribution centers.