More News on Sustainability

DSC reports on progress toward 2010 Sustainability Initiatives
All in all, it was a very green year for DSC Logistics.

  1. The initiative to recycle corrugate at all Logistics Center was 100% completed.
  2. A white paper outlining the efficacy and feasibility of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products was distributed.
  3. Steps toward implementing a “No Idling” Policy have been taken and will be completed in 2011.
  4. The Green Communications program included Green Boards at all LCs, a series of Green Tip e-mails and posters, and information in company publications.
  5. Discussions have begun with customers regarding their sustainabilirty goals.

A sixth initiative was added mid-year that involved installing electricity-saving devices on 74 vending machines throughout the DSC network.

Other programs instituted across the 15 million square food DSC network at specific locations include energy efficient warehouse lighting using motion sensors and sky-lights, vending machine motion detectors that reduce energy usage, upgraded HVAC systems, high efficient fork-lift battery chargers and a variety of site specific efforts aimed at reducing paper, water and energy usage.

"Green Supply Chain Award” presented to DSC

DSC Logistics has received the 2010 Green Supply Chain award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) magazine. The award recognizes companies that "stand out for their projects to incorporate sustainability objectives into their own supply chains or to enable sustainability in their customers' supply chains." Submissions were judged based on the clarity and content of applicant's goals and strategy, the extent of the steps being taken, the impact of the results to date and projected results, and the form and presentation of the information submitted. The winners included leading manufacturing, retail, high-tech and logistics companies. “DSC Logistics is proud to be a recipient of the Green Supply Chain Award," stated David Kahlow, DSC's director of sustainability. "This recognition validates our commitment to sustainability as part of our corporate culture, as well as our commitment to enable our supply chain partners to achieve their sustainability initiatives."

Recycling corrugate throughout DSC network saves tons and trees
DSC named corrugate recycling as one of six 2010 Sustainability Initiatives. As a result, 100% of DSC Logistics Centers now recycle corrugate. One of the largest Logistics Centers involved in this program has recycled approximately 36.6 tons of corrugate in 2010, the equivalent of 5,557,600 sheets of paper, or 450 mature trees. The nationwide program involves 36 additional LCs.

Looking to reduce waste in all the right places
DSC employees are encouraged to look for creative ways to improve sustainability while helping reduce costs for customers. For one key customer, a leading producer of cereal and snack products, DSC suggested a reconfiguration of a cereal box modular display that reduced waffle dunnage from every unit. This initiative will save the customer more than 800,000 pounds of dunnage per year, reducing costs and helping the environment.

DSC Anniversary Symposium features Sustainability expert
The focus of DSC’s 50th Anniversary Business Symposium – “Leading on the Edge” – was challenges that businesses are likely to face in the future. Several panels of experts gave insights into emerging trends and the strategies companies will use to address them. As a member of the panel “As Far As We Can See,” JohnPaul Kusz, founder and associate director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE), Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) spoke of the need for thinking of sustainability in terms of innovation rather than compliance.

“Green Tips” series covers range of Sustainability topics
Once or twice a month, DSC employees can expect to receive information that can help them make adopt more environmentally-friendly habits. Communicated by way of e-mails and posters at all DSC Logistics Centers, the “Green Tips” have covered energy-efficiency lightbulbs, saving energy on heating and air conditioning, ways to use less gasoline, reducing water usage, finding alternatives to plastic bottles, and other topics.
Click here to read Green Tips

Sustainability featured as one of key topics at DSC Partners Summit
In carrying out the second element of its Sustainability Statement of Purpose – aligning initiatives with customers’ Sustainability goals – DSC has promoted sustainability as a topic for discussion and collaboration in multiple situations. In addition to one-on-one meetings with customers, DSC included sustainability as one of the main breakout session topics at its annual Partners Summit, attended by representatives of seven key customers. These discussions provided opportunities to brainstorm and exchange ideas about sustainability Best Practices.

DSC Logistics Named Inbound Logistics’ “50 Green Supply Chain Partners”

DSC Logistics has been recognized as one of Inbound Logistics’ “50 Green Supply Chain Partners” for 2010. Inbound Logistics editors chose 50 companies in several categories of logistics service provider – 3PLs, truckers, ports, forklifts, etc. – that they determined are truly “walking the walk” when it comes to commitment to supply chain sustainability. Companies were evaluated in part based on their internal sustainability initiatives, how they are helping customers achieve their sustainability goals, and how they measure or benchmark the results of these initiatives.

DSC Logistics has established a Sustainability Statement of Purpose and formed a Sustainability Steering Committee to measure company progress towards sustainability goals throughout their Logistics Center network. Additionally, DSC Logistics is a SmartWaySM Transport Partner, certified as a logistics provider and as a carrier partner. In 2010, DSC is applying their sustainability initiatives in a more consistent way throughout the company so that good ideas are able to become best practices.

Green Boards popping up at DSC Logistics Centers
DSC is thinking greener in 2010. To display DSC’s sustainability ideas and accomplishments, our Logistics Centers nationwide were asked to install a “Green Board” in each facility. The DSC network responded with great enthusiasm, getting their green boards up and filling them with ideas from employees, current initiatives, metrics and goals. 
In addition to the "Giant Green List" Poster of 120 sustainability tips suggested by employees, the Logistics Centers are posting initiatives and accomplishments from around the DSC network for our company, our customers, and our world.

Green boards are displaying costs savings from recycling efforts, pounds of waste recycled, modified energy usage, and appreciation to employees that make an extra effort to increase their sustainability programs.

DSC Logistics Centers are stepping up nationwide to increase and strengthen our sustainability efforts.

DSC is committed to sustainability at our company and to helping our Supply Chain partners achieve their sustainability initiatives. We encourage employees to think greener in all aspects of their lives.

DSC Announces 2010 Sustainability Initiatives
As part of DSC’s ongoing sustainability program, five company-wide initiatives have been identified for 2010. They are:

  1. Begin recycling corrugate at all Logistics Centers.
  2. Study the effectiveness and feasibility of green cleaning products.
  3. Investigate necessary steps toward adopting a “No Idling” policy.
  4. Develop a comprehensive communication program to distribute sustainability information to all employees and other audiences
  5. Research the sustainability goals of DSC customers and identify ways to help support those goals.
In addition to these company-wide initiatives, each Logistics Center will select two of its own initiatives to implement.