More News on Sustainability

DSC receives Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2012 Green Supply Chain Award

DSC Logistics received Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine’s 2012 Green Supply Chain Award, recognizing companies that are making sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategies. This is the fourth year DSC was selected to receive SDCE’s Green Supply Chain Award, after launching an official Sustainability Initiative in 2009. DSC also has been recognized by Food Logistics and Inbound Logistics magazines as a top “green” supply chain partner.

The 2012 SDCE Green Supply Chain Awards honor companies that are working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and/or supply chains in the areas of sourcing/procurement, fulfillment/logistics, operations, product lifecycle management, and other areas of the supply chain. Supply & Demand Chain Executive collected submissions for the 2012 Green Supply Chain Awards through an online nominations process. Submissions were judged based on the clarity and content of goals and strategy, the extent of the steps being taken, the impact of the results to date and projected results, and the form and presentation of the information submitted.

DSC selected Top Green Supply Chain Partner

DSC Logistics was selected as one of 75 Top Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) by Inbound Logistics magazine, June 2012. This is the third year that DSC has been chosen. Editors of Inbound Logistics considered a company’s involvement in three areas: participation in public-private partnerships, corporate sustainability initiatives, and collaborative customer-driven projects. DSC was selected, in part, for demonstrating measurable progress over the past few years as we integrate sustainability throughout our network.

DSC Named Top Green Provider

DSC Logistics was named to Food Logistics magazine’s 2012 list of Top Green Providers. DSC was also named in 2011, the year the award was established.Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers list was created to recognize companies in the food and beverage sector that have embraced sustainability practices as central to their operations. In turn, they play a key role in their customers’ own sustainability efforts while simultaneously helping to advance awareness throughout the supply chain community.  more

Sustainable Operations Summit focuses on innovative projects with positive results

DSC's Director of Sustainability, David Kahlow, recently attended the Sustainable Operations Summit in New York City featuring former President Bill Clinton as keynote speaker. The program included presentations about major building and renovation projects aimed at improving sustainability, such as the retrofitting of the Empire State Building that has lowered energy costs by $4.4 million a year. DSC is currently analyzing energy usage and costs throughout its nation-wide network of more than 40 Logistics Centers.

DSC Targets 2012 Sustainability Initiatives
DSC Logistics' Sustainability program focuses on promoting the responsible use of resources throughout the DSC network. Since launching the official program in 2009, we have identified and achieved specific sustainability initiatives each year and, as a result, DSC has won a sustainability award or been named a "green supply chain partner" six times. DSC 2012 plans and goals include:

  • Develop a metrics package for measuring monthly usage of water, electricity, propane, and gas at DSC Logistics Centers.
  • Create criteria for  "DSC Sustainable Facility Certification"
  • Complete a feasibility analysis for LEED certification of DSC's corporate office
  • Reduce water use by 5% across the DSC network
  • Reduce electric and gas use and cost with a goal of a decrease or 0% growth
  • Continue to provide sustainability information and tips to DSC employees

Publications that have recognized DSC for sustainability efforts include Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Inbound Logistics, and Food Logistics. Additionally, DSC is a SmartWay Transport Partner, certified as a logistics provider and a carrier partner.

DSC adopts No Idling Policy at Logistics Centers
As part of the company’s Sustainability initiatives for 2010 and 2011, DSC Logistics is instituting a policy that prohibits vehicles from idling while parked for loading or unloading in a DSC-managed Logistics Center. Drivers will be asked to turn off their engines except in certain circumstances, such as extreme weather or when specific traffic, safety, or emergency situations arise. According to David Kahlow, DSC’s Director of Sustainability, “The ‘No Idling’ policy is expected to reduce the waste of fuel, minimize exhaust emissions, and improve the quality of the environment.”

Promoting “No Idling” is also part of our responsibilities as members of the SmartWay program, a collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Green Tip covers pros and cons of alternative energy sources
As part of DSC’s communication to programs, a recent “Green Tip” listed common energy alternatives and their advantages or disadvantages. The topic was initiated following the earthquake and nuclear reactor crisis in Japan.

DSC seeks to reduce fuel emissions through efficient networks
Reduction in fuel emissions is also a goal of DSC’s strategic transportation management and optimization capabilities, as customer networks are modeled and redesigned to improve efficiency. A number of DSC’s smaller customers are involved in a transportation consolidation program known as MOST (Multi-Vendor Optimization Strategy). By consolidating LTL orders and converting them to efficiently utilized truckload (TL) deliveries to major retail customers such as Wal-Mart (DSC is one of three providers recommended by Wal-Mart for its Remix program), significant reductions in fuel emissions are achieved.

DSC is certified as both a logistics provider and a carrier partner in the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a collaborative effort with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

DSC announces 2011 Sustainability Initiatives

A total of seven company-wide Sustainability initiatives have been identified and are being implemented throughout DSC’s network. The company launched an official Sustainability program in 2009 to coordinate policies and practices that promote the responsible use of resources.

DSC’s 2011 Sustainability initiatives are:

  1. Implement a No-Idling policy for vehicles at all DSC Logistics Centers.
  2. Transition to biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products throughout the network
  3. Institute an electronic time/pay system to eliminate the use of an estimated 600,000 pieces of paper.
  4. Recycle electronics products -- computers, printers, etc. and ink and toner cartridges.
  5. Install ceiling fans in all buildings where conditions permit and where they will significantly lower energy use and costs.
  6. Continue discussions with customers for the purpose of aligning DSC initiatives with customers’ sustainability goals.
  7. Continue to educate and encourage employees to take steps toward more environmentally-friendly living and working.