More News on Sustainability

DSC Receives 2013 Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Green Supply Chain Award

For the fifth consecutive year, DSC has received Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Green Supply Chain Award, recognizing companies that are making sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategies. The 2013 SDCE Green Supply Chain Award honors small, mid-size and large enterprises that leverage green practices and solutions to further drive sustainable improvements in their supply chains.

SDCE’s Green Supply Chain Awards spotlights the different sustainable approaches that global businesses can take to cut costs, save time, drive revenue and improve their carbon footprint in the areas of product lifecycle management, order demand capture, sourcing, technology & integration infrastructure, procurement and other areas of the supply chain.

About 100 submissions were received through an open nomination process. The magazine’s editorial staff reviewed the submissions based on clarity and content of the goals and strategy, the extent of the steps being taken, and the impact of the results to date.

Submissions were judged based on the clarity and content of the goals and strategy, the extent of the steps being taken, the impact of the results to date and projected results, and the form and presentation of the information submitted. Utilizing renewable energy, minimizing waste, and maximizing facility and solutions lifespans are all components that leading companies in supply chain increasingly enforce.

DSC Targets 2013 Sustainability Initiatives

DSC Logistics' Sustainability program focuses on promoting the responsible use of resources throughout the DSC network. Since launching the official program in 2009, we have identified and achieved specific sustainability initiatives each year.

DSC 2013 plans and goals include:

Lighting solutions – Evaluate all Logistics Centers and determine potential for energy reducing lighting solution projects.
Measurements – Continue to improve our information through Green information gathering, utilize data to drive improvements around utility/recycling/waste.
Customer Sustainability Goal collaboration – Align and learn from our key customer sustainability efforts and goals for 2013 and beyond.
Internal Awards and Recognition – Recognize superior sustainability performance in our network of Logistics Centers, and drive additional awareness.
Energy Star certification – Build on the many physical improvements we have made in our corporate offices and pursue EPA Energy Star certification.
Grass Roots Employee awareness – Involve all employees in bringing forth sustainable ideas for work, home and the community. Drive the DSC Green brand through communications, metrics awareness, contests, etc.

DSC named a 2013 Top Green Provider by Food Logistics

DSC was named a Top Green Provider by Food Logistics, June 2013. The Top Green Providers focuses on sustainability in the global food supply chain and honors companies whose product, service, or exemplary leadership are driving sustainability from farm to fork.  DSC has been named a top Green Provider every year since the award was established in 2011

University Park GP Logistics Center receives recycling award

DSC's University Park Georgia-Pacific Logistics Center received the 2012 Recycling Excellence Award from International Paper. The UPGP operation, recognized for "Driving Recycling Focus, Progress and Results" recycled 259 tons of corrugate paper.

UPGP loads out collapsed corrugate into gaylords on International Paper trailers -- one trailer per week of recycled corrugate. According to, recycling one ton of paper equates to saving 17 mature trees. Using that measure, UPGP saved approximately 4,400 trees last year, or one acre of trees (at 3 foot spacing).

International Paper, a global leader in the packaging and paper industry and a Georgia Pacific customer, supplies a wide range of products including uncoated papers and industrial and consumer packaging, in conjunction with xpedx, the company's North American distribution company.

UPGP is "Thinking Greener" and living DSC's commitment to sustainability!

DSC’s Green Poster Contest for Earth Day
As part of our ongoing Initiative around sustainability awareness—Green Tips, Green Alerts—DSC sponsored a Green Poster Contest for Earth Day 2013. Employees and family members were all invited to enter the contest.

To enter, employees and/or family members created an 11 x 17 poster showing their ideas about “Being Green”—for example: what they do as a family/an individual or something they want to do or a green tip suggestion.

Winners and prizes were announced on Earth Day, April 22. Special recognition was given for ideas used as DSC Green Tips.

"DSC CEO An Drake stated "...'green' thought and action must come from everyone--individuals, organizations, employees, corporations, private citizens, government officials." Our DSC Employees are key to making our sustainability initiatives successful.

DSC reduces customers’ carbon footprint through supply chain optimization
DSC’s carbon footprint reduction measurement program utilizes measurement tools to assist our customer base in their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and WRI GHG Supply Chain reporting requirements. DSC has been involved with defining the CDP “Scope Three” protocol. DSC's expertise in supply chain network modeling and design has the greatest impact on our customers’ carbon footprints. Through the design and implementation of more efficient supply chain networks, large carbon footprint reductions have been realized with a number of our strategic partners.

For example, for a large food processing customer, we conducted a network analysis and identified a savings opportunity by rerouting their international shipments. Containers full of their product are now shipping from South America to Savannah, Houston and New York. From these ports the shipments are trucked to four DSC Logistics Centers—McDonough, GA; Roanoke, TX; Allentown, PA; and, Des Plaines—for distribution.

Previously in South America, our customer had simply accumulated product in the staging area of a small warehouse and shipped out approximately five containers/trailers a day to DSC’s Mira Loma, CA, Logistics Center. Then, last year our network analysis identified a savings opportunity for our customer if the South America warehouse was able to ship to the East Coast as well, rather than all product shipping to Mira Loma and being distributed from there to the four DSC RDCs.

Our customer, a lean organization focused solely on one product, had rarely shipped to east coast ports from South America, never had to manage product by RDC, SKU and quantity. Because they consider DSC a true consultative partner, they turned to us first with their questions about how to do that from a deployment and a distributions operation standpoint. DSC collaborated with the customer in the US and South America on the detailed solution. Drawing on our network design capability and our knowledge of their supply chain, and dramatically enhancing our Deployment Management System tool, we re-designed our partner’s supply planning process, network and warehousing process to expand shipping from South America to both U.S. coasts and multiple DSC locations. A DSC team traveled to South America to consult on the shipping process and guided the warehouse as the first containers went out. The new system is estimated to save the customer $1M in transportation costs. In addition, we were able to significantly reduce energy and fuel use, since we reduced wasted trucking miles from west coast to all points east

DSC's Green Team finds another way to reduce water usage

The "Green Team," made up of Logistics Center managers throughout the DSC network, uses a monthly phone call to exchange ideas about sustainable practices that can also reduce costs. Some of those managers have reported good results with a machine known as a "scrubber" that uses ionized water and needs no detergent. Other benefits are that it uses less water and does a better job cleaning the floor. Now, other Green Team members are planning to replace their old cleaning methods with the new machine. Reducing water usage is one of the company-wide Sustainability Initiatives identified in 2012.

Report on DSC's 2012 Sustainability Initiatives

We are pleased to report on the status of our 2012 Sustainability Initiatives. In 2012, we achieved significant progress on all six of our 2012 initiatives. These initiatives were:

1) Develop a metrics package for measuring monthly usage of water, electricity, propane and gas at DSC Logistics Centers. Status: Complete - the metrics package has been collecting data from each Logistics Center so that usage can be studied and compared. DSC is also studying data on the total carbon usage.

2) Create criteria for "DSC Sustainable Facility Certification." Status - Complete - a list of actions that could have a positive "green" result in DSC Logistics Centers has been created.

3) Complete a feasibility analysis for LEED certification of DSC's corporate office. Status: Complete - while studying criteria for being certified by LEED or another sustainability accrediting organization, DSC's corporate office has undergone extensive improvements with sustainability as a major goal. We are currently reviewing options for certification through other organizations, including the EPA’s Energy Star program.

4) Reduce water use by 5% across the DSC network. Status: Complete – achieved a 24% decrease in usage per square foot

5) Reduce electric and gas use and cost with a goal of a decrease or 0% growth. Status: Complete – reduced electricity use by 5%, reduced propane use by 2%, and reduced natural gas use by 22%

6) Continue to provide sustainability information and tips to DSC employees. Status: Ongoing - we will continue to report sustainability facts and trends in our Green Alerts and Green Tips series.

Since launching our official program in 2009, DSC has set and achieved specific sustainability goals each year and, as a result, has won a sustainability award or been named a "green supply chain partner" nine times.