What I do

As a part of the DSC Engineering team, I am always looking to improve processes within our logistics centers and help create efficiencies that will benefit our customers’ bottom line. We work very closely with Operations and IT as we evaluate opportunities, bring ideas and create solutions for the business and our customers. In my specific role within Start-Up and Innovation, I provide project management and engineering expertise for new building openings, expansions and migrations as well as conceive of and test new avenues to reduce cost and improve service in our logistics centers.

Why it matters

Engineering is at the forefront of continuous improvement; I work with our customers and operations to overcome obstacles and drive efficiency and innovation. I analyze data, processes and systems to create hypotheses that are tested in environments across the enterprise. When my ideas turn into practice, I have the privilege of implementing them and measuring results. In addition to being exposed to a wide variety of projects and settings, I have the opportunity to work with and co-mentor our operations teams and leaders across the country.