What I do

I work on-site with one of our major consumer products customers who utilizes DSC as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP). As LLP, DSC designs, enables and implements the customer’s total supply chain solution, including the selection and management of other logistics providers. I am responsible for leading our partnership process, our on-site team, our DSC-managed logistics centers and a network of additional logistics providers that we recruit and manage to support our customer’s business needs. My day-to-day activities focus on driving the integration between DSC and our customer’s organization, advancing key initiatives and delivering high-performance operations.

Why it matters

The customer I support places a great trust in DSC to operate the business as if it were our own and sees us as a vital extension of their organization. The DSC on-site team, located together with our customer in their corporate office, is in a unique position to drive consistency, support continuous improvement and achieve cross-organizational understanding – all of which support DSC’s mission of achieving our customers’ business goals through the management of change and information. Collaboration and relationship-building are enabled through the on-site integration, and my job is designed to facilitate these key elements of a healthy partnership.