What I do

I lead our Customer Operations team, which is an integral part of DSC’s Transportation Management Center. DSC manages transportation for the end-to-end supply chain, and my team facilitates the on-time and cost-efficient delivery of both finished goods and raw materials across our customer’s networks. We are responsible for proactive communication, customer reporting, continuous improvement, and managing cost and service levels. We support customers in meeting their supply chain service targets. With an extensive retailer requirements expertise, we provide specialized services and reporting to support retail compliance needs and mitigate retail fine exposure.

Why it matters

My team listens to and partners with our customers, helping them leverage transportation service as a competitive advantage. We equip our customers with insights and knowledge to adapt in a dynamically changing retailer environment, and we customize our operational processes to align with consignee requirements. We have strong partnerships with our customers and they see us as members of their supply chain teams. We use data to recommend more effective and efficient practices for order placement and usage of transportation services, and present solutions to help our customers’ businesses run more smoothly.