What I do

As part of DSC’s carrier relations team, I am directly responsible for the selection and onboarding of the carriers who work with DSC as well as for transportation rate negotiations. Being up-to-date on current market rates and industry trends is an important part of my job since we are constantly using this information to make decisions in an ever-evolving transportation marketplace. Our team selects long-term carriers who fit our customers’ requirements for both service and cost, and communicates customer needs to carriers to ensure we facilitate appropriate matches and drive mutually desired results. An additional important role of our team involves securing coverage, responding to expedited requests and preventing service disruption.

Why it matters

Connecting customers with the right carriers based on capacity, capabilities and cost requires knowledge, focus and continuous adaptation. Getting the carrier choice right impacts critical supply chain metrics such as on-time performance and transportation cost. Since collaboration and partnership is what we are all about at DSC, making sure that extends to our carrier relationships is essential. It’s my job to communicate, communicate, communicate – to make sure that all parties’ goals are aligned and that every partner is a strategic fit. It’s up to me to make sure that customer needs are heard and understood by carriers, and that the feedback we provide to carriers is frequent and effective.