What I do

I work in one of DSC’s logistics centers, operating a variety of material handling equipment to receive inbound customer product, maintain inventory and fulfill outbound orders. My priorities are safety, quality and productivity. At the beginning of each shift, we review inbound and outbound volumes and align on goals for the day based on customer objectives. It is my job to ensure that we reach our targets safely and achieve customer satisfaction. The team experience is a very important part of my job, because it takes all of us working together to keep everyone safe and meet our goals.

Why it matters

The work I do ensures that our customers’ products are on store shelves and reaching consumers on time and damage-free. Through order fulfillment activities and special handling projects like labeling and packaging, I support important customer initiatives like new product launches, special national promotions and period-end targets. My team and I respond to unpredictable shifts in demand, which requires scheduling flexibility and hard work. I touch our customers’ products just one or two steps before they reach the end consumer. Every time I see one of our customers’ products on the shelves of the grocery or retail store, I know I’ve made a difference in people’s lives.