What I do

I act as a project manager, examining a wide variety of supply chain scenarios, conducting research and performing analysis to make recommendations. My colleagues and I take complex data sets and organize key information to provide insights from which intelligent decisions and actions can be made. Our daily project work ranges from network design modeling to tactical operations studies, where we utilize various analytical and business intelligence software tools to enable our solutions. We provide summaries and data visualization to provide simple, straightforward recommendations to address complex situations.

Why it matters

The work of Supply Chain Solutions and Analytics is important because we are a huge driver of customer value at DSC. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is helping customers grow by modeling scenarios for new product launches or brand expansion. We also help customers diagnose root causes of problems, examine business options, navigate the impacts of merger and acquisition activity, explore cause/effect relationships, identify cost drivers, assess network efficiencies, and more. The work we do improves total cost and service, and assists customers in making key business decisions.