What I do

In my role on the Strategic Partnerships team, I lead DSC along with our customer team to create and manage a joint partnership system that enables the dialogue, planning and progress required to achieve customer goals. My job is to work side-by-side with customers to define and prioritize our shared objectives to ultimately achieve their broader business goals. I assist in leveraging DSC’s specialists in technology, engineering, analytics and business process integration to create solutions and implement projects. I bring ideas to our customers that help optimize our customers’ end-to-end supply chains, and I work with the operations team to ensure we are meeting service and cost targets as well as driving continuous improvement.

Why it matters

Our Strategic Partnership system is key to working together on joint initiatives with our customers that drive desired results. Our partnership framework enables customers to leverage the supply chain as a powerful medium to reach business goals. Our customers rely on our vision, our execution and continued improvement in the supply chain to drive out costs and improve processes.