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    • 11.7.19
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    DSC Insights: October 2019

    • 11.6.19
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    DSC launches new on-demand flex labor solution with HapiGig

    • 10.31.19
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    DSC Advisory Board Chairman receives Salzberg Medallion at Syracuse University

    • 10.22.19
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    Founder’s Day celebrated across the DSC Logistics network

    • 10.15.19
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    DSC Logistics, CJ Logistics leaders host customers in Seoul

    • 10.9.19
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    DSC leader speaks at Commodity Trends 2020 Outlook event

    • 10.8.19
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    DSC Chief Customer Officer to participate in WERC Webinar on effective 3PL collaboration

DSC leader speaks at Commodity Trends 2020 Outlook event

Basil Weaver, Director, Supply Chain Solutions & Analytics at DSC Logistics, spoke recently at the “Commodity Trends 2020 Outlook” event at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In his ”Transportation Industry Update” session, discussing industry factors that could influence supply chains in 2020, Weaver reviewed DSC Industry Insights, a free monthly newsletter published by DSC Logistics that summarizes supply chain industry trends and news.

Weaver also presented an overview of the evolution of business intelligence at DSC Logistics. “Shippers need to have current and accurate data to make informed decisions,” he said. “And DSC’s philosophy is to share data in an actionable format and use it to drive business improvement together.”

The event, hosted by The Right Place/The Center-West and the Supply Chain Management Council of West Michigan, explored the commodity trends and strategies that lie ahead in 2020. The event’s goal was to provide insights into influencing factors of critical manufacturing commodities such as Metals and Plastics and encourage discussion of possible options to help participants manage global supply chains during a time of uncertainty.