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    DSC Insights: October 2019

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    DSC Insights: September 2019

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    DSC Insights: August 2019

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    DSC Insights: July 2019

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    DSC Insights: June 2019

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    DSC Insights: May 2019

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    DSC Insights: April 2019

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    DSC Insights: March 2019

    • 08.1.18
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    DSC Sr. Director, Engineering will discuss labor management at Chicago CSCMP-JDA event

    • 07.19.18
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    DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake speaks at Paradigm for Parity annual meeting

    • 05.25.18
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    DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake participates on panel at Gartner event

    • 03.30.18
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    DSC Logistics executive participates in panel at CIA Headquarters

    • 03.21.18
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    Senior Director, Industrial Engineering discusses DSC’s performance optimization journey in podcast

    • 01.23.18
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    CEO Ann Drake discusses DSC’s Strategic Partnership approach in video interview

DSC Insights: October 2019

In the October edition of DSC Insights

Transportation rates are showing reduction in the spot market, but not much movement on the contract side.

In news, Target and Best Buy introduce new enhanced delivery options for the peak holiday season, and Walmart launches grocery delivery into customers’ homes. The USPS announces price increases for 2020.

Also in the news, CBRE reports “light industrial” warehouses, 70,000 to 120,000 sq ft, saw the most demand between 2014 and 2019, with last-mile pressures making smaller urban facilities more attractive.


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