Developing Broader, Holistic Solutions

DSC collaborates with a paper industry customer to make a distribution network more manageable by reducing and relocating facilities.
Working with a customer to update a prior network study, DSC developed a more efficient model. DSC designed and implemented a plan that reduced distribution centers from 46 to nine, improving transit times and reducing inventory costs.

A Fortune 500 paper company’s supply chain network, developed over time through acquisitions, was comprised of 46 logistics centers in close proximity to their customers. In their competitive business environment, it was essential that their transit times to customers be maintained or improved. They asked DSC to update a prior network study to determine if it was the optimal solution.


DSC evaluated the prior network study and suggested a new model. DSC’s solution made the customer’s network more manageable with fewer distribution centers (from 46 to nine), and reduced distances and transit times. Part of the solution involved folding eight operations into one facility in a new geography.

DSC was invited to implement a portion of our solution, and we completed these transitions within 30 days. We focused on documenting customer requirements, and ensuring that consistent processes were implemented across the customer’s network. DSC was subsequently invited to integrate four more sites, three of which required hiring and training new workforces. After making necessary upgrades to the buildings, we were able to draw talent from the existing DSC network to accelerate the onboarding of the new sites.


DSC increased the level of service to our customer’s top priority customers by 20%. The average distance from distribution center to customer improved from 537 to 367 miles, improving transit time by a full day in many instances. Streamlining the customer’s network resulted in consistency of processes and systems across the sites, which improved productivity and service. Notable for a transition of this size and pace, the customer’s service to its customers remained undisrupted throughout the implementation period.