Your success
is our success.

We work confidently and constructively alongside our partners. We hold both your success and your challenges as our own, and we strive unstoppably to help your business thrive.


We work with diverse and dynamic companies that are global leaders in their field. Discover how we’ve achieved their goals and transformed their supply chains.
Collaborating on Strategy and Design

DSC models an optimal supply chain network for a healthcare customer, and then designs and executes a greenfield solution to create a new logistics center.

Developing Broader, Holistic Solutions

DSC collaborates with a paper industry customer to make a distribution network more manageable by reducing and relocating facilities.

Eliminating Inefficiencies

Helping a customer move from a decentralized to a centralized transportation management model, DSC reduces transportation spend by 15% and exceeds service goals.

Facilitating Business Growth

Aligning a customer’s new business acquisitions into one cohesive distribution network, DSC helps a customer take advantage of multi-customer consolidation opportunities.

Focusing on First-Time Outsourcing Goals

DSC assists a Fortune 500 food company in transitioning distribution operations and systems from in-house to outsourced solution, for the first time.

Increasing Flexibility

In just two months, DSC opens a new site including racking, a cooler room, a cage for aerosols and a specialized supply chain packaging area, meeting project targets on time and on budget.

Leading through a Merger or Acquisition

DSC leverages strategic partnerships and customer alignment to make a complex integration project a success.

Managing Special Customer Demands

DSC and an international retail customer collaborate to redesign and retrofit a replenishment operation to include D2C business.

Optimizing a Supply Chain

As LLP, DSC partners with a Fortune 500 CPG customer to streamline the customer’s network resulting in significant savings.

Providing Innovative Technology to Improve Efficiency

For a Fortune 500 customer’s Point of Sale operation, DSC implements a solution that results in reduced costs and the environmental impact of the operation.

Starting up a Supply Chain

DSC sets up a customer’s entire supply chain – starting with planning, through execution and a seamless transition (from solution design through solution implementation).

Adapting or Transitioning an Operation

DSC helps a Fortune 500 food company successfully and seamless transition the management of a troubled large-scale operation from another 3PL provider to DSC, improving team morale, service and quality.