Human Capital

Knowledgeable, flexible, resourceful and experienced, our leaders are collaborative supply chain experts who anticipate and recognize changing dynamics at the earliest stage and proactively adapt to achieve customer goals.

At DSC, success starts with our people at all levels of the company. We have become experts in recruiting and developing top logistics talent, with a focus on analysis, engineering and technology expertise. We apply a highly selective leadership recruitment process that assesses problem-solving and critical thinking ability and cultural fit. DSC recruits for and cultivates six key strengths essential to our ability to deliver strategic value to customers: leadership, collaboration, information, execution, flexibility and integrity. The combination of expertise, capabilities and strengths enables dynamic solutions in response to complex supply chain challenges.
Specialty Areas
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Cross-Functional Knowledge
  • Problem Solving
  • Innovation
  • Supply Chain Expertise
  • Project & Process Management
  • Multi-Industry Knowledge, Experience
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Supply Chain Engineering
  • Supply Chain Technology
  • Supply Chain Operations
Our Approach
  • Professional Expertise. Our experts and leaders are thinkers, learners and problem solvers. Polished and adept at communicating with individuals and teams, they are called upon to share knowledge and insights at supply chain industry forums and universities.
  • Flexible. Knowledgeable, flexible and resourceful, with a wide range of experience and expertise, our leaders are able to understand the entire supply chain, anticipate and recognize changing dynamics at the earliest stage, and know how to adapt the business to benefit both the customer and the customer’s customer.
  • Cross-Functional. We recruit, train and promote leaders from a range of backgrounds who possess certain skills and who also understand the total supply chain. We provide all of our leaders with opportunities to work on projects and assignments that broaden and deepen their supply chain experience.
  • Development. Our Organizational Development Review (ODR) process evaluates and prepares our more senior leaders to be ready for the future, providing challenging and rewarding opportunities for growth.
  • Prepared. From recruiting of current and potential leaders to our process of Leadership Development, we prepare our people to think and act proactively — as individuals, as part of a team and in collaboration with customers.
  • Educated. Through Successful Careers in Logistics (SCIL), our specialized college recruiting program for top students from top supply chain universities, we identify outstanding future leaders. Our process provides training and the broad experience necessary for development of future supply chain leaders.
  • Skilled. Our hiring process, screening, training, onboarding and continued professional development produce a team that delivers top-tier skills, creativity and intellectual capital for our customers.
  • Highly-qualified. We hire and retain only those individuals who are the best fit with our company culture, and who are qualified to manage and execute the business per customer requirements, DSC’s Quality System and safety requirements.
  • Empowered. DSC’s culture instills a focus on continuous improvement where every employee is empowered to identify opportunities for increasing efficiency and reducing cost in customers’ supply chains.
  • Trained. DSC training programs and ongoing observation and coaching provide leading practices and instill accountability.