Retail Consolidation + Requirements

With extensive knowledge of retail requirements, we work collaboratively with customers and retailers to align optimal performance. DSC’s multi-customer consolidation centers are strategically located in key geographies, positioned for service to retailers.

We consolidate shipments on a daily basis from multiple shippers to retailers such as Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, Kroger, Giant Eagle and others. As one of three approved Walmart 3PL consolidators, our multi-vendor national consolidation program combines orders into full outbound truckloads and coordinates multiple pickups of inbound shipments. We have over 50 years of experience shipping to retailers, and one of our core competencies is managing to retailers’ unique requirements, such as delivery windows, lead-times and labeling. Our customers benefit from fewer stock-outs, consistent deliveries, hassle-free appointments, shorter transit times, advanced technology, dedicated customer service, freight savings and 24/7 online access to orders and inventory.
Specialty Areas
  • OTIF (On Time, In Full) Performance
  • Retail Requirements
  • Walmart Consolidator
  • National Consolidation Strategies
  • Integrated Operations & Systems
Our Approach
  • Multi-Site, Multi-Customer. DSC’s multi-customer consolidation centers are strategically located in key geographies, positioned for efficient service to regional and national retailers. We combine orders for retail suppliers and deliver full truckloads on a regular basis. Distributing regionally minimizes transit time and decreases order lead-time.
  • Proactive. We examine requirements and patterns and recommend opportunities to change order patterns and volumes for greater efficiency.
  • Opportunistic. We look at trailer utilization as well as the shipping patterns, order patterns and the daily order flow (including timing, frequency and order size) of all customers under one roof to identify opportunities for consolidation.
  • Integrated. We provide integrated management of logistics center and transportation operations for a coordinated consolidation effort and seamless process.
  • Collaborative. We collaborate with our customers, retailers and carriers to meet specific delivery requirements and ensure compliance for customers’ deliveries. We work with customers and retailers to align optimal shipping and delivery dates. Together with our participating customers, we host summits to share leading practices, discuss foreshadowed changes and confirm alignment to requirements.