We leverage systems, business intelligence and analytics to translate the patterns and possibilities, helping our customers assess and predict. Our innovative thinking and insights enable continuous improvement.

We leverage data and information to improve daily execution and drive insights that inform and advance supply chain strategies. DSC’s use of both best-of-breed and proprietary systems provides visibility and supports all aspects of supply chain, including logistics centers, inventory, transportation, supply chain packaging, labor management and yard management.
Tools & Specialty Areas
  • JDA Labor Management Systems
  • Cognos
  • MercuryGate (Edge & Mojo)
  • Tableau
  • ADSI
  • LLamsoft Network Tools
  • EDI/API Integration
  • Nulogy Packaging Systems
  • DSC Warehouse Management System
  • Syntellic
  • PINC Yard Management Systems
  • Keevlar Procurement Tool
  • Mobile Applications
  • ASK! Customer Portal
Our Approach
  • Safe, Redundant, Reliable. We apply leading practices for data storage, infrastructure, redundancy of systems and disaster recovery.
  • Integrated. We are especially adept at integrating with customer systems and collaborating with customers to inform and guide them through integration and implementation projects.
  • Visible. We provide customers with real-time visibility to their supply chain information, including profile and performance data, in visualized formats that are easy to interpret.
  • Insightful. We leverage business intelligence and analytics to translate the patterns and possibilities, helping our customers assess and predict. Our insights enable customers to identify trends and exceptions, explore scenarios, identify opportunities for continuous improvement and mitigate risk.
  • Innovative. We foster and reward innovative thinking, and we are constantly piloting and experimenting new technologies and concepts. From artificial intelligence to automated guided vehicles, DSC is testing and exploring new tech all the time. We actively invest in user interface enhancements such as mobile app developments to improve the user experience and improve efficiencies.
  • Engaged. We participate in the user communities of the best-of-breed leading software and routinely invest to make sure our platforms reflect the latest developments.
  • Diverse. Our technologists come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and expertise, which fuels innovative thinking and brings unique perspectives to every opportunity. They have strong business, technical and operations backgrounds with proven experience in project management. Project teams have members with end user experience and technical specialists in communications, data management, EDI, networks, programming, quality assurance, hardware, applications and analysis.