“It begins with a baseline of trust.”
– Kevin Coleman, Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions
Kevin Coleman


Collaboration is the path to leveraging supply chain management as a competitive advantage. It’s bringing together people and companies to create a better result—it’s about coordinating and cooperating across functions, companies, modes, suppliers and customers. Effective collaborators create an improved supply chain.

Beginning with a baseline of trust, we seek to understand what our customers need to accomplish, and we are candid about recommendations, risks and costs. We form partnerships with our customers within our strategic partnership framework, and we work with people and partners who value open communication, trust, integrity, responsibility and accountability.

Collaboration allows for diversity of thought and the introduction of new solutions. It can draw out the best thinking, leading to optimal results. With multiple perspectives, experiences and ideas taken into account, solutions can be optimized across organizations and across the supply chain. DSC’s strategic partnership process and approach to project management provides structure and tools to guide the collaboration system. We define the key leaders and team members on both sides of customer partnerships and jointly establish a cadence for collaborative, strategic assessments and planning.

With the best minds engaged in a collaborative effort, our approach increases velocity because it enables the best dialogue with the best solution. Connections are made, risks are identified and information is shared – faster. Through proactive and effective collaboration, ideas can be gathered, built upon and assessed. Risks can be evaluated and inter-functional dependencies can be vetted. Engaged and informed, and armed with an optimized plan, we can move more quickly to adapt, implement, innovate and transform.

Collaboration creates customer value. Our consultative approach and dynamic supply chain leadership has brought our strategic customer relationships to a new level of integrated business planning. Side-by-side with our customer in business planning cycles, we work cross-functionally to inform strategic business decisions and drive initiatives. Transformation and partnerships are the keys to achieving differentiated results, and collaboration enables these strategies.