“We know that everything depends on our flawless execution.”
– Ed Bowersox, Chief Customer Officer
Ed Bowersox


It is our mission to achieve our customers’ business goals, maximizing the potential of their supply chains. We think of ourselves as an extension of their company, of their brands. And, we know that everything depends on our execution. High-performing operations are the foundation of our business and partnerships, establishing our credibility.

We execute the design, implementation and management of long-term, customized logistics operations with a wide range of scale and complexity, with significant expertise in highly regulated industries and environments. With our award-winning quality, safety and sustainability performance, we are an industry leader in the use of performance optimization systems and practices.

DSC is a thinking, learning organization, and our leaders are proactive problem solvers. We have a continuous improvement (CI) mindset, employing methodology throughout our operations to constantly challenge ourselves and identify opportunities to improve service while driving out waste and cost. We leverage data and information to identify opportunities to improve daily execution, transform processes and reduce total cost.

Our focus on quality and process management ensures that our execution is repeatable, reliable and predictable. We use proven training and observation methodologies to make sure we are executing to our customers’ needs. Our commitment to process adherence and our adoption of leading practices allow us to deploy resources efficiently and effectively.

Given our holistic and strategic approach to supply chain management, we are careful not to sub-optimize when we execute. We consider our customers’ end-to-end supply chain and overall business goals in our daily execution and continuous improvement endeavors, thinking broadly about the upstream and downstream impacts of a process adjustment. As we seek to reduce cost, we keep total cost in mind.

Responsible, accountable and committed to our customers, we deliver on time, in full, and on budget.