“We provide our customers a tremendous opportunity to take charge of change.”
– Michelle Dilley, Chief Transformation Officer
Michelle Dilley


DSC’s business is based on a foundation of flexibility, with customized solutions, adaptable systems, dynamic networks, and responsive leaders and teams. When it’s time to grow and change, we’re poised to take action and deliver maximum flexibility. We are ready for anything.

With our nationwide network, we are equipped to respond to changing circumstances like customer volume surges, product launches, acquisitions, facility openings and natural disasters. Resources such as access to real estate, transportation capacity, leadership, and team members are deployable when needs arise. Accessible and responsive, we are energized to manage through constraints and to expand or adjust based on the situation.

In our logistics centers, we design our operations to be modular, with the flexibility to evolve with ongoing changes in a customer’s business. Engineered to adapt, our building plans and workflows are based on analysis of a combination of historical and forecast data; then we adapt as customers’ businesses dynamically change.

Similarly, our transportation management operations are vigilant in monitoring capacity, pricing, weather and regulatory trends. We proactively develop carrier relationships and contingency options to fortify and protect service. Our national network provides routing alternatives and backup options when needs and surges arise.

Our culture welcomes change with open-mindedness and eagerness to learn and grow. Our leaders are resourceful problem solvers who have the ability to rationally and logically evaluate options and move decisively. We form relationships with leaders and customers that are built on collaboration and trust; this openness and transparency enables flexibility.

Another factor is our custom-designed “customer-back” approach. DSC’s strategic partnership process, with its cadence of dialogue and planning, helps us keep in step with changing customer business needs. With the customer at the center of our mission, we are motivated and enabled to sense-and-respond.

In today’s highly interactive and fast moving world, supply chain business processes impact all aspects of our customer’s business. We provide our customers a tremendous opportunity to take charge of change and to use greater flexibility as a competitive advantage and a powerful business tool.