“We choose to lead.”
– Ann Drake, Chief Executive Officer
Ann Drake


It’s always been about leadership at DSC Logistics—dynamic supply chain leadership. Leadership of people. Thought leadership to customers, to the marketplace, to the supply chain industry. The first of our five values, Leadership, challenges us to be out in front, leading change and advancing supply chain thinking and practices.

Perhaps never more than it is today, strong leadership is critical as we help our customers adapt their supply chains to respond to rapid changes in demand, in new technologies and ever-evolving business models. Dynamic supply chain leadership moves our customers, working with DSC leaders, out ahead of the competition. It requires acute problem solving, exacting execution and joint collaboration.

Leadership challenges mediocrity, taking people and businesses to new places where they would not go themselves. It creates and communicates the vision, generates enthusiasm, has the power to influence, and it inspires. Leaders are innovative and help others to see the big picture. When we look at all we wish to achieve as an organization, with our customers, in the industry, and in the world at large, it’s all about leadership.

With this in mind, we place a great deal of emphasis on the selective recruitment and development of impactful leaders. Our leaders possess a strong work ethic and authentically engage and motivate others, participating together with employees and customers and delivering results. They inspire connectedness, transparency and credibility. We continually evaluate, guide and develop our leaders through specialized development review programs that challenge each individual to continually improve and set higher standards.

In our commitment to lead, DSC actively participates in the supply chain industry and supports the advancement of the profession. Our experts and leaders are called upon to share our knowledge and insights at supply chain industry forums and universities. A decade ago, we established the annual Thinkers and Movers award to recognize outstanding practitioners and educators who have led the field in thinking and practices that have moved the supply chain field forward in significant ways.

We believe in the power and necessity of transformation in today’s fast-changing world of leadership. Transforming is more than just changing; it’s evolving to an improved state. It requires assessing the landscape – then predicting, anticipating and preempting change. Strategic transformation of our businesses is essential for survival, and dynamic supply chain leadership makes transformation possible.